Jewelry is not capable of bringing peace to the world, however, each piece of MASbisjoux is designed to represent universal love and a greater sense of connection through Inner Beauty, Nature, and Magic.

When designer Morgan Shara, founder of MAS Creative and Jewelry Expert for E! Online News, first saw BISJOUX, the unique, modernistic costume jewelry line created by Karin Wilzig, she was intrigued. When she saw the unicorn necklace she fell in love, and Magix was born. In the Spring of 2014, MASBisjoux was created. Morgan gave the name Magix to the unicorn and whimsical names to hand selected pieces of the brass BISJOUX she transformed and redesigned into a collection of high end jewelry in an array of white and fancy color diamonds.  

After losing her mother to cancer in her early 20's, a few years before becoming a mother herself, Morgan was determined to create meaningful jewelry that symbolized hope and spread positivity. Magix The Unicorn has done just that, bringing out the spirituality of individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

Morgan is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She resides in New York City with her husband and three children.